Our Properties

Simon and the Princess Royal team currently operate grazing and cropping land in the Mid North district. Properties under this umbrella include:

  • Ayers Park
  • Ayers Park North
  • Belcunda
  • Curburra
  • Kercolo
  • Mackerode
  • Bryan
  • Mullaby
  • Newikie
  • Princess Royal Station
  • Polville
  • Razorback
  • Stud Park

Other properties the family run in the Flinders Rangers of South Australia:

  • Wooltana Station
  • Wertaloona Station
Princess Royal Station

Our Aim

We aim to continue to grow our business, and our staff, to ensure long-term success. By incorporating our rich history, vertical integration, modern methods and technology, we seek to consistently improve our effectiveness and efficiency, all the while ensuring our practices cause the least harm possible to our environment.

Since 2000 the Rowe family, the late Robert, an original co-founder of T&R Pastoral Company and his son Simon, both pioneers in the South Australian beef industry have grown their endeavours to include a number of businesses and properties, generating a wide variety of produce including breeding of cattle, feeding of cattle and sheep, agricultural cropping, cattle commission services, small truck freight operations, artificial insemination services for sheep also dabbling in carob and wine production.

Bob Rowe Cattle Trader

The Great Cattle Trader

Bob Rowe’s biography “The Great Cattle Trader” by Nigel Austin is now available!

"Robert Rowe was a builder of businesses, succeeding where others feared to tread. Starting from humble beginnings, he created three separate empires, a livestock trading business, a meat processing operation and finally an agricultural division including 40.000ha of prime land near Burra in the Mid North of South Australia."

"His success was built on a positive approach to life; he saw opportunities and had the courage to follow them through. When things were bad, or not going the best, his attitude was that you chase any opportunities and never give in."

Only $50 will get you a hardcover copy posted to your door. $5.00 from every book purchased will be donated to the Heart Foundation.

Limited copies are available.

To purchase your copy and for more information please email Katherine or phone 08 8892 2421.