There are two major aspects we consider when looking at our environmental impact, firstly feedloting of cattle and what we can do to better our practices and to lessen the impact on the environment.

The second is the pasture side, adopting methods and practices like managed rotational grazing and rejuvenation of overgrazed areas, conservation, removal of non-native plants and animals.

Both incorporating water usage and management, air pollution, waste management, fuel and power minimization, ecosystem management, biodiversity protection, the protection of natural resources, wildlife and endangered species and much more.


Princess Royal Station is committed to constantly trying to build on our environmental management, including environmental concerns into its day to day business practice and future business decisions. The below are constructed to not only ensure the best outcome for the environment but to provide for sustainable agriculture also.

• Princess Royal Station understands and accepts their social responsibility for the management of environmental issues and to their community

• To manage the businesses activities in a way that will cause the least environmental harm.

• To comply with or exceed the Federal, State and Local Governments Codes of Practice, regulations and standards in relation to environmental issues.

• Continue to apply internal standards and practices that to ensure environmentally responsible practices.

• To assist in the control of feral animals and vegetation for the safety of endangered species and unique habitats.

• To protect biodiversity by incorporating sustainable development using cost-effective measures.

• Incorporate environmental management to maintain and/or rehabilitation of base resources that are important to productivity and biodiversity, including erosion control, revegetation, pasture spelling (returning pastures to a more productive state), burning, weed control, pest control using cost-effective measures.

• Provide any necessary information and/or available training to Princess Royal team members where possible to perform their work in relevance to this environmental Policy

• To manage and constantly improve our manufacturing processes to minimise any impact on the environment and to help become increasingly more efficient in the use of water and energy resources in the most prudent and economical manner.