15 Facts You Didn’t Know About Cattle

Posted by Princess Royal Station on May 18, 2018 9:02:25 AM
15 things you probably didn't know about cattle
For our latest article, we have decided to pump out some facts about the humble cow.
Test your knowledge to find out how many of our fast facts you already knew.
  1. Uruguay, New Zealand, Argentina, Australia and Brazil are the only countries with more cows than people,
  2. Cattle only have teeth on the bottom at the front of their mouth,
  3. Cattle barely sweat, when they’re hot they pant like dogs do as well as other methods to cool themselves,
  4. In Australia, each calf has an electronic tag put into its ear. This means that every cow’s lifetime traceability can be tracked from its origin property to where it dies,
  5. Australians on average consume 26 kg of beef each year! (ABS, DAWR, MLA estimate, 2017)
  6. More than 100 medicines, including insulin and oestrogen, come from cattle,
  7. Domestic cattle date back more than 10,000 years. They descend from aurochs (wild oxen),
  8. The term ‘cow’ actually refers to a female that has had a calf. If it is a young female that hasn’t had a calf it is called a heifer,
  9. When cattle go to slaughter, nothing is wasted,
  10. Cattle are very social herding animals, they make friends and form social groups just like people,
  11. A breed known as Longhorn grow the longest horns of any other breed of cattle, their horns can grow to over 3m! (Double Helix Ranch.com)
  12. Cattle can’t vomit,
  13. Cattle have an excellent sense of smell,
  14. Cattle don’t sleep standing up and they only sleep for about 4 hours in a 24-hour period, taking short naps that last about 1 to 5 minutes,
  15. Cattle have panoramic vision of 330°

There is more to cattle than people realise, check out some of our other blog articles to learn more. 


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