How to Get the Most Out Of Your Beef Cut

Posted by Princess Royal Station on Nov 4, 2015 12:54:34 PM

A beautiful cut of premium Aussie beef needs to be cooked with respect and shared with the people you love. Whether it’s a marbled Porterhouse, a generous forerib on the bone or the humble chuck steak, there is a cut of beef for every taste and budget.  

A steak should be grilled and a roast, roasted, but what about the other cuts of meat?

The cooking method is a very important consideration when selecting a cut of beef as this will influence the final product. As different cuts have different attributes, choosing the right cut can help ensure the meat is tender and juicy regardless of your cooking experience.

Here are some of the ways that you can highlight Aussie beef at home, the key is to keep it simple and let the flavour of the beef shine.

On The Grill

Premium: Marbled porterhouse


Alternative: Beef skirt (be careful, it can be tough when cooked past medium).


Flavours: Keep it simple, parsley, lemon butter and a glass of red to enjoy it with.


The beef skirt can be a more difficult cut to get perfect, so here is a recipe for you to follow. 


Image from Serious Eats

In The Oven

Premium: Forerib on the bone

Alternative: Top Rump

Flavours: Garlic, rosemary, olive oil.

Slow Braise

Premium: Beef cheek

Alternative: Chuck Steak

Flavours: a rich sauce to compliment the tender braised beef A.K.A French beef bourguignon.

The Family Favourite: Sunday Roast

Premium: Sirloin

Alternative: Top rump

Flavours: Salt, pepper and rosemary, matched with some root vegetables.


If you need some extra pointers, here is a recipe for a beautiful roast.

 Image sourced from BBC Good Food

Cooking with premium quality meat will always be an advantage, you will taste the difference. Regardless of your cooking prowess, matching the cooking method with the right beef cut can help you impress your family and friends.

As one of South Australia’s premier feedlots, we really appreciate a beautifully cooked piece of flavoursome beef. To discover more about our feedlot and our operations, click here. 

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