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The cattle industry has been a big part of South Aussie culture for many, many years. With our gorgeous rolling hills and wide open spaces, it’s no wonder that it’s a location that many in cattle farming industry are proud to call home. 

At Princess Royal Station, we count ourselves among the lucky people to live and work in such a beautiful surrounding. 

At our stations and properties, we raise and feedlot a variety of cattle. Shorthorn, Angus and Droughtmaster are the types of cattle you will see grazing along our hillsides. 

So, why do we raise these breeds? What characteristics and traits allow them to thrive in our South Australian climate?

We reckon these breeds stand out from the herd (yes, pun intended) - here’s why. 

Shorthorn and Shorthorn Cross Cattle

Princess Royal Station Shorthorn and Shorthorn Cross Cattle

Our Shorthorn and Shorthorn Cross breeds are based at our beautiful Wertaloona and Wooltana Stations, within the Flinders Rangers. This breed originated in the 1700’s when Teeswater and Durham cattle were bred to combine their highly valued attributes. 

Our Shorthorn Cross heifers are mixed with Droughtmaster and Santa Gertrudis cattle, the progeny of which are placed on grain for the domestic and export markets. 

Compact, thick and early to mature, these cattle flourish in lower rainfall areas - a serious benefit for our South Australian location. They are robust and can adapt to most climates, their beef having a rich and delicious flavour. 

Angus Cattle

Princess Royal Station Angus Beef Cattle

Originating in Scotland over 1000 years ago, Angus cattle are world renowned for their delicious meat. Marbled to perfection, it is a highly sought-after product. 

Though the first imports in Australia were to the much cooler climates of Tasmania in the early 1820’s, Angus cattle have since been brought into lower rainfall areas with great success. 

This breed of cattle is moderately-sized but muscular. Their meat is highly desired by many nations, Japan especially, as it is wonderfully marbled, strongly coloured and flavoursome.

It’s melt in your mouth produce!

We have two herds of Angus cattle - one at our Wertaloona and Wooltana Stations, and one amongst our Burra properties. In both herds, prime steers and heifers are feedlotted for the premium domestic and export markets. 

Droughtmaster and Droughtmaster Cross Cattle

Princess Royal Station Droughtmaster and Droughtmaster Cross Cattle

The Droughtmaster as we know it today developed in Northern Queensland. Brahman and Shorthorn cattle were bred to create a desirable breed for warmer climates. Because of this breeding, Droughtmasters are adaptable, tolerating the hot climate of South Australia. 

Droughtmasters have short-haired coats, large bits of loose skin and are a lovely rich tan to red colour.

We loving having Droughtmasters - they reach maturity in a good length of time, are quiet in nature and calve easily.

Additionally, this breed has excellent parasite resistance, making them a low-maintenance livestock option. 

More than being great to work with, Droughtmaster beef is exquisite in taste. It’s fantastically tender - perfect for flinging onto the BBQ to delight your friends and family. 

At Princess Royal Station, our South Aussie climate, dedication to environmental welfare and our animals allows us to raise healthy, happy cattle. It’s this care that helps us to create such premium beef products. These three breeds are amazing assets to us, and we’re happy to spread the word on their incredible benefits!

Would you like to learn more about our cattle breeds? If so, you can discover more by checking out our breeding page.  

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