Why Farmers Should Be Marketing

Posted by Princess Royal Station on Nov 18, 2016 4:32:13 PM

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Many farmers would generally look at marketing as an unnecessary tool for their business or they generally don’t think about marketing at all.

The aim of marketing is to create a competitive advantage over the next by basically creating awareness and interest in your business, brand or product. Best of all, these days it doesn't have to cost an arm and leg to do so. There are so many mediums out there including social media and blogging templates to help you get started, so why not take advantage of them to benefit your business?

What is brand awareness and how does it help my business?

Brand awareness is how it sounds, creating general awareness of your business, brand or product and the consumer’s ability to recognise or recall it. The benefits to your business are endless, if the awareness is positive!

Today social media, as well as other online media forms, are a fantastic way for people to share their stories, trials and tribulations and to connect. Facebook, Twitter and other media give people a voice and a platform to share their opinions, which is great.

Many Australian rural people, farmers and agricultural bodies have embraced the online platforms. They share some wonderful, inspirational stories, the good and bad news and we think that this instant connection is fantastic. Not only is it great that stories and news are getting out there, they are reaching a global stage. 



It gives the Agricultural bodies and businesses a voice, allowing them to share their side of the story. Not only does this create interaction and conversation between business, groups and individuals, but it gives a fuller picture. Often the negative stories about agricultural industries are exactly that and are often not telling the whole story.

We’re definitely not saying that they are all false, there are some bad eggs out there and these incidents should be reported. But the agricultural sector has come a long was in working to lessen their respective impacts on the environment and cause the least possible harm to livestock.

There are a lot of success stories and wonderful inspirational triumph stories out there, and we would love to see more of it.

Having people report on current events and accomplishments who have experience and knowledge in a particular industry will help to lift the reputation of the sector, as well as gaining the attention and interest of people who are not directly involved in agriculture.

This is our aim, and we feel that we have a certain responsibility to do this. It allows us to give the other side of the story, which can sometimes get drowned out by a negative stigma. 

Examples of organisations and groups engaging with the public through online platforms.

Below is a small selection of Australian social media pages that are providing industry and operation insight and education:

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